As lovers of all things vintage, we are both obsessed with the retro looks featured on Pan Am! The stylish updo’s and high-waisted dresses make me want to put on a light blue suit and sail off into the sunset! But, given that we both are here in Florida at least until we finish our degrees, we started to experiment and see if we could create hairstyles based off those seen in the show! This one was our favorite (modeled by Kristen, the gorgeous thing):

Pan Am Hair Style Front   Pan Am Hair Back

We love this hairstyle as a versatile updo that is just as appropriate at the workplace as at a fun party! It is also great for rainy days- it held up for Amelia even on the most humid of Florida days!

Here is our step-by-step tutorial on achieving this look:

1)   Start by creating a side part on the right side of the head

2)   Split your hair into a left and right section; the left section will be smaller, starting at the base of the left ear. The right section will be larger, containing most  of the hair from the back of the head and the right side of the head.

3)   Starting on the left side of the part, twist the hair in the left section starting at the crown and moving towards the nape of the neck just behind the left ear (where the bun will be).

4)   Use a butterfly clip to hold the twist in place as you work on the right.

5) Use bobby pins to secure the twist in place.

6) Starting on the right side of the part, twist the hair in the right-hand section, starting at the crown, working your way around the head to the left base of the neck, to meet the other twist.

7)  Use bobby pins to secure the twist in place.

8) Remove the butterfly clip from the left twist and use a hair tie to put your hair in a low side ponytail. Twist the hair around the base of the ponytail, creating a bun, pinning as you go with bobby pins.

9) There you have it!! Once you’ve completed your bun, tuck in any visible bobby pins, mist with hairspray, and you’re ready to go!!

Pan Am Hair Completed

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  1. Mark

    Looks easy! Great do for the hot humid weather in Florida! Great job and it looks fun!

  2. Nicole Van Velzor

    Kristen has such fabulous hair! I think I’m going to give this style a shot for work. Thanks for the pinspiration, girls!