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In theory, Sock Buns truly are a glorious thing. They’re the perfect hairstyle for lazy days when you still want to look cute (which is just about everyday for us!), plus they are just as cute in the office as they are in your everyday. We decided to call shenanigans on this seemingly simple hairstyle- it just seemed too good to be true! Is it really the easy answer for a bad hair day?

However, we came to find out, the traditional sock bun is just plain difficult to master! We tried so many times to conquer this hairstyle and they all came out wacky! Is this hairstyle forever out of reach for those of us that have layers or coarser hair? We’re calling shenanigans!!!

Luckily, after much experimentation (and quite a few failures), we have developed an alternate sock bun technique that works perfectly, and is much easier to master than the original technique! This time around Amelia is modeling the hairstyle for you guys!

First you need to create your sock donut! you’ll need a pair of fuzzy socks and a pair of scissors.

1) Cut the toe off of each sock so you now have 2 fabric tubes.

2) Put one tube inside the other so you now have one double-layered sock-tube

3) Start rolling the sock-tube from the toes to the top. Roll it tightly, and you should end up with a sock donut!

Ok, now onto the hairstyle! Start with your hair down. You’ll need 2 hair elastics and quite a few bobby pins for this hairstyle to work (don’t plan on going through and airport security or metal detectors!).

1) Pull your hair up into a high ponytail.

2) Pull your ponytail through the sock donut and position it at the base of the ponytail.

3) Tilt your head down and spread the hair from your ponytail so it covers the sock-donut.

4) Slip the other hair ealstic around the now hair-covered sock-donut. This creates the main body of your bun. If you stop at this step you will get the beautiful result pictured below.

Sock-Bun-Step-4  The hotest person I know

5) Just kidding, let’s keep going. Starting at the front of the bun, begin twisting the ends of your hair around the base of your bun, pinning the hair twist as you go.


6) Once you’ve pinned the hair twist all the way around you’re ready to go! Mist with hairspray if you’d like, toss a bow on there if you’re feeling sassy, and go take on your day!

Finished Sock Bun

Although the shenanigans we called on the original sock bun technique are still firmly in place (see the shenanometer below), we managed to overcome it! Have you guys figured out any other clever ways to do a sock bun?

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5 Responses

  1. Joy

    Wow! You girls are full of good ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kimberly Brewer

    I’m active duty military and have almost waist length hair. I pull my hair up with only three bobby pins in a sock bun on a daily basis. It takes practice. No shenanigans here – thousands of us wear this style every day to spare us a haircut. Tip: wet your hands and run them through your hair before you pull it up in the initial ponytail, or even do what I’ve done on those days when it just. Doesn’t. Work: wet the ponytail in the sink. Your hair will twist tighter and stay twisted once you start wrapping it. Also: if you put it up wet (like most of us do in the AM!), your hair will start to dry in the bun during the day. When you take it down, it’s generally very wavy, and I’ve then scrunched it dry, added a bit of product, and have instant beach hair for a night out!

  3. Kimberly Brewer

    Also – you can buy the forms at places like Sally Beauty Supply – HUGE ones if you want something a bit fancier. I made mine out of the top of a tube sock – not double wrapped, nothing complicated, just the elastic end of a tube sock. I’ve had it for four years and have washed it on a weekly to biweekly basis. No sewing, no hemming – it’s lasted fine. 🙂