How to Make an Apple Swan


One of our followers (Oscar) posted a video on our on our Shenanigans Facebook page a few months ago that gave directions on how to make these adorable apple swans. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was a perfect candidate for shenanigans. The video made the process of creating these works of art look so simple we figured there had to be some catch. To prove that we actually did it ourselves, we created our own video tutorial shown below:

If you don’t have time to watch our video, here is step-by-step how to make an apple swan with pictures (but it is easier to understand in the video)!

What you need:

  • Apples – Try to find ones that are fairly symmetrical (We bought a bunch of different types so that we could make different colored apple swans)
  • Large Sharp Knife
  • Small Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • 2 Butter Knives



1) Cut the apple diagonally and take out two of the seeds for later (they will become the eyes).

step 1 for apple swan

2) Take smaller half and put it flat on your cutting board. Put down 2 butter knives (one on each side) to use as spacers while you cut slices off of the bottom of the apple. This is one of the harder steps so be very careful!

how to make swan apple sculpture


3) Continue cutting until you get a piece that shows some on the skin on the top part of the apple. All apples are a little different so some will be different shape than others. Watch the video above to see one that is a little different shape.



4) Cut the apple piece into a swan head using the little curve in the apple as part of the head and beak. (if you are having issues with this part just continue to cut the flat part of the apple until it resembles a swan head, the video above shows this step better).



5) Cut slot in the other half of the apple (where you will eventually put the swan head).

apple swan head

6) After cutting the slot for the swan head, take your two butter knives and place them on both sides of the apple. Using them as spacers, cut straight down to the right of the slot that  you created. After the knife bottoms out on your makeshift spacers, cut perpendicular to the first cut. TIP: Once you cut a little bit through the apple sideways, turn the apple and finish cutting to make it a little bit safer (you can see this in the apple swan tutorial video above).

apple swan cutting


7)  Pop out that piece and repeat the process 2 more times then repeat on the other side.




8) Stager the pieces of the apple to form the wing, place your swan head in the slot, and you’re all done!



Because making the apple swan was surprisingly easier than we thought, we revoked shenanigans, BUT, be aware that it is still a more dangerous than other shenanigans so be very careful!


Shananometer- homemade peppermint serving tray

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