People constantly ask me which camera I use for my food and craft blog, so I decided to create a post about it. First, I should say that when I started my blog, I didn’t know a lot about photography. I thought that I could start a fun baking a craft blog to share with my family and friends, and that I could start sharing my projects on Pinterest and other social networks. I quickly figured out that one of the biggest puzzle pieces to make my blog successful was photography.

After researching what seems liked hundreds cameras and reviews, I eventually narrowed it down to the Sony Nex-5t. According to the reviews on Amazon and other camera sites, it had great reviews from people WITH and WITHOUT photography experience. Many of the professionals even said that they preferred to take this camera on trips (rather than their professional DSLR) because of it’s small size and high quality photos.

Reasons why I believe that this is the best camera for food blogging:

  • It is small (because it is a “compact SLR” it gives you the DSLR quality without the huge size, making it easy to transport and hold on to)
  • User friendly (I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is actually difficult to take a bad picture, intelligent auto setting is my best friend)
  • Has interchangeable lenses (After using the camera for my blog for about 6 months, I finally invested in a macro lens (shown below), this lens does the fancy “bokeh effect,” since it has such a short depth of field. This makes it perfect for food because you can really get the detail of every sprinkle and crumb!)
  • Makes you look like a pro, even if you have little to no experience
  • Screen flips up so you can take selfies (very important)
  • Can use wifi to send pictures to your phone (great for posting social media updates)
  • Also takes great video if you ever want to expand your blog with videos
  • Has an amazing “skin smoothing” feature, that makes your skin look flawless without looking weird
  • Works great in low light

Camera-for-bloggingSony Nex 5T with 60-55m power zoom lens included

Above is a link to the camera on Amazon. This includes the main camera, along with a 60-55m power zoom lens, which will allow you to really step up your food blog over-night.

Here are a few pictures taken with the exact camera above (also before I learned how to correct the color balance, so these are directly from the camera):

enjoying bean dip


peppermint candy plate



After a few months of blogging I decided to step it up again by purchasing a lens that could take even better macro (close up) shots. I purchaced a Sony 1.8/50 lens. This allows for the awesome “bokeh” effect, which happens with the foreground is in focus and the background is blurred out. Here is a link the the lens:

lens for macro shootingon sony5t


Sony 50mm f/1.8 Mid-Range Lens for Sony E Mount Nex Cameras

Here is a deal I found where they give you the lens along with a tripod, a case, and cleaning materials:

Here are a few examples of photos that I used with this lens. All of these are taken in intelligent auto mode. You will notice the beautiful “bokeh” effect that it produces. Also keep in mind that I progressively got better at using the camera:

CINNAMON ROLL-waffle-recipe





ombre nails tutorial

I know that I am far from a professional photographer, but I do contribute much of the success of my blog to this amazing camera. If you would like to see more pictures taken with this camera, feel free to browse my site (it’s the only camera I use). If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer them!

Here are a few bonus pictures that I took on a recent vacation, where the “selfie feature” really came in handy. These were all taken using the lens that comes with the camera:

DSC09253 copy

DSC09193 copy





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    Great information. I definitely was wondering what equipment you were using! Thanks