How to Make Oreo Tacos


Cinco De Mayo is coming up, and what is a more perfect treat than these adorable Oreo Tacos! I saw this super popular post going around Pinterest by Erica’s Sweet Tooth, and I knew that I had to make this for Cinco De Mayo. I followed the basis of her recipe, but switched out a few ingredients to ones that I liked a little bit more.

How to make Oreo Tacos:

Oreo taco ingredients:

  • Vanilla and Chocolate Oreos (I bought a pack of “Heads or Tails” so that I had both)
  • Coconut shavings
  • Green food coloring
  • Yellow and orange Starburst
  • Swedish fish
  • Chocolate syrup (optional but makes it stick together a little easier



Taco Shell: Vanilla Oreo

  • After separating your Oreo, break it in half
  • This was actually the hardest part for me because the Oreo kept splitting into 3 pieces (if this happens, don’t worry because your “taco meet will help to keep it together), I also found that it was easier to do with your hands, rather than a knife.

Taco Meat: Chocolate Oreo

  • Place Oreo in food processor, along with leftover Oreo icingĀ (you can use your hands, but it takes longer)
  • Optional: mix in some chocolate syrup to make it stick a little bit better

Lettuce: Coconut Shavings

  • Place 1 cup of coconut shavings in a plastic bag
  • Mix 1/2 tsp of water with 3 drops of food coloring
  • Pour it into the bag with the coconut shavings and shake until the color is mixed in

Cheese: Starburst

  • Chop yellow and orange Starburst into tiny pieces

Tomatoes: Swedish Fish

  • Chop Swedish fish into tomato looking slices
  • Other tomato options: Hot tamales, mini M&Ms, Red hots



Once assembled, you have these adorable mini tacos! These are pretty easy to make, but they will take time if you are trying to make them in bulk. If you are making more than 10, I would recommend finding a friend and making an assembly line. Also remember that if your taco shell oreos keep breaking in the wrong place you can stick them back together using your Oreo/”meat” mixture.


The reason I decided not to fully revoke shenanigans is because of the difficulty of breaking the Oreos perfectly in half. If you come up with a better way please let me know!


Shananometer- homemade peppermint serving tray



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