How to Make Bacon Pancake Dippers


Father’s Day is around the corner, so I decided to search for a dad inspired shenanigan. And what says gift-for-dad more than bacon. So I decided to attempt these bacon pancake dippers! The pin says that you sandwich your bacon in-between two layers of pancake batter to make the ultimate dip-able breakfast snack.

Click here to watch this video for full step by step directions on how to make these bacon pancake dippers!





  • Pancake mix (unless you have a recipe where you make it from scratch)
  • Package of bacon


Step 1: Pre heat oven to 400 degrees. Lay your bacon flat on a baking sheet that has edges (so the grease doesn’t fall off into your oven)

Step 2: Bake your bacon for 8 minutes. While its baking, make your pancake batter according to the box.

Step 3: Take your bacon out around the 8 minute mark (leave in a little longer if it is not crispy enough for your taste).

Step 4: Lightly grease your skillet

Step 5: Put one layer of batter in the shape of your bacon.

Step 6: Place your strip of bacon on top of the batter after about 30 seconds, then cover with more batter.

Step 7: Flip your Bacon pancake and cook until both sides are golden brown.

I was surprised with how well the pancake stayed together. I was expecting it to be much harder to make, so I have to revoke shenanigans on the difficulty. As far as taste, it tastes like bacon sandwiched in between two pancakes (shocking, I know). I liked the mix of salty and sweet, and it is definitely a fun way to serve breakfast. My boyfriend liked it ok, but he said overall he would stick to having his bacon separate from his pancakes.



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