How to Make a Hamburger Cupcake

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and along with the rest of the country we will be celebrating being (the tiniest bit) Irish. Wearing green, eating green food, pinching non-conformers- the works! Although we do appreciate Irish culture, there’s no denying that a lot of St. Patty’s seems to circle around delicious treats and pub food. We got to thinking that the best St. Patrick’s day snack would be a combination of both. Now don’t go running- we didn’t get crazy making hot wing cookies or anything (by the way those actually exist)! However, we thought we could experiment with disguising dessert as dinner by making Hamburger Cupcakes! These little guys have been making their way around Pinterest for awhile and we’ve been looking for a chance to try them. They’re definitely a cute idea but we wanted to make sure they actually come out looking like hamburgers! Here’s how ours came out compared to the original:

Hamburger cupcakes   pinterest hamburger cupcake

Our Version                                                                       Pinterest Version

First you’ll want to gather your supplies. Grab a yellow cake mix, white icing, chocolate icing, food coloring and Ziplock bags. Go ahead and bake your cupcakes to the package directions and let them cool. baking hamburger cupcakes We made the mistake of baking ours into cupcake sleeves. Baking the cupcakes directly into the pan (with non-stick spray!) would’ve been better because we just had to unwrap them again. Cut your cupcake into a top half and a bottom half. These will be your hamburger buns! make a hamburger cupcake Next, put some chocolate icing into a Ziploc, zip it shut, snip the corner, and squeeze out the icing to create your hamburger patty on the bottom half of the cupcake (we used an icing tube but you don’t have to). hamburger cupcake steps

Color some of the white icing green and use it to make “lettuce” on top of your “patty”. This is easier if you use a smaller tip of the icing tube or cut a smaller hole in your Ziploc. hamburger cupcake On top of the “lettuce,” use red-dyed icing to make a “tomato” and yellow-dyed icing to make “mustard.” Place the top of the cupcake on top and you’re done!! how to make a hamburger cupcake Overall, we were pretty pleased with this shenanigan! We thought it would come out terribly, but they really do look like hamburgers! If you’re feeling up to it, you can dye coconut green for the lettuce instead of using icing (we would have but we didn’t have coconut). You can also opt to sprinkle your cupcake hamburgers with sesame seeds! Get creative and let us know what you come up with! Shananometer- holiday cake balls

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  1. Joann

    Adorable ! Great for a kids party and so easy and cute to serve. Shenanigans great job!!!!