Have you ever looked at fancy cakes with crazy edible decorations and wonder if there is any chance that you could create those decorations yourself? – me too! That’s why when I saw a cake recently with an edible pinecone made out of almonds, I knew I had to try it on the blog! I mean how hard can it be?

What you will need:

  • Sliced Almonds
  • Box of cake mix (I used chocolate)
  • Ingredients listed on box of cake mix
  • Chocolate icing


1. After gathering your ingredients (listed above), begin by baking your cake by following the directions on the box. Because I knew that half of the cake would be made into cake balls (for the base of the pinecone), I split the batter between a loaf pan and a cupcake pan.


2. Once cool, dump the loaf into a large bowl and break up with your hands. Next add about 1.5 cups of chocolate icing, mixing it with a fork (and your hands). Start to form cake balls. Coat your hands with a little olive oil to prevent it from sticking too much. Add more icing if you are having trouble forming the cake balls. Instead of making them like a normal sphere, make them a little more “egg” shaped to make it easier to make the pinecone.


3. After you shape the cake balls (and you wash your hands), dip the edges of your sliced almonds on inside remaining icing and stick onto the cake balls starting from the bottom.


4. You are all done! I don’t know if it looks as good as the professional one I saw, but it sure did impress my family and friends! I put them as a cute topper on my cupcakes.


If you try it out, let me know how yours turns out!


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