As we’ve previously mentioned to you all, we are both pretty busy college gals. As such, we LOVE quick recipes that use minimal ingredients. When we discovered the Brownie in a Mug, we thought we had struck gold! Now, readers, we bring you something even better. You heard us- we’ve actually thought up a dessert that is even more convenient. We bring you 2-Step Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes!!

This recipe is actually not from Pinterest. When we were walking through the grocery store and saw these adorable mini pie crusts, the idea just came to us to make mini strawberry cheesecakes for Valentine’s Day. Then Kristen had the genius idea to use Jello Temptations Strawberry Cheesecake snacks instead of normal cheesecake filling. Amelia was extremely skeptical- surely that wouldn’t taste good, right? Well, we decided to find out! Ladies and Gents, this is how we made up the laziest dessert known to mankind!


First we gathered our ingredients: the mini pie crusts that sparked the idea and the Strawberry Cheesecake Jello Temptations that would turn into the pie filling.


Open the 4 Temptations and scrape the strawberry part off of the top and into a bowl, leaving the cheesecake part in the cup.


Using a spoon, smush the cheesecake part of the Temptation into the mini pie crust. Only use enough cheesecake to fill the crust level (about 2/3 of the cheesecake from one Temptations cup).


Using a fork, mix the strawberry part of the Temptation until it becomes more of a liquid than the gel form it used to be.


Now you can get a little creative! Use your strawberry topping to decorate the pies however you want. For some of our pies we dotted the topping and used a toothpick to swirl it into the pie.

how-to-make-strawberry-swirl-cheesecake strawberry-swirl-mini-cheesecake

For some of our pies we put some of the strawberry topping on the bottom of the pie, and then used the topping to make a heart on top of the cheesecake filling.

little-strawberry-cheesecakes valentine-s-day-cheesecake-recipe

You’re all done! Refrigerate the pies until you are ready to serve them. Are you ready for the moment of truth? Did the mini pies actually taste good? Or is their easy recipe just too good to be true?


Amelia was our taste tester since she was the biggest skeptic of this recipe, and she loved it! As much as she thought that they wouldn’t work out, it turns out Kristen was right. They actually taste delicious- our friend Grace tried one and wouldn’t believe us when we told her what the filling was made of.

We were thrilled that this recipe worked out so well for us. The 4 cups that came in the pack of Temptations were the perfect amount of filling for the 6 mini pie crusts. We think that this recipe would probably work out fairly well with the key lime or chocolate flavors of the Temptations as well. We’ll keep you guys updated if we give it a shot! Which flavors will you try?


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  1. JoAnn

    Wow! Cute easy yummy! Individual servings! And a healthier yummy dessert! Great! Thanks for sharing !