We love to figure out easy ways to take ordinary treats and make them festive- to really give them that extra little something, you know? So when we saw these hot chocolate toppers made out of Cool Whip topping, we thought they would be a great Shenanigans project! We then figured out that the link to the instructions was broken! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen- we went into this Pinterest project completely blind! We figured that they couldn’t be too difficult to make, plus they were awfully cute and we thought it would be a nice way to add extra holiday charm to our favorite holiday drinks. (In this case hot chocolate, but Starbucks peppermint mocha runs a really close second!)

Snowman-hot-chocolate-whip-creme-topping Pinterest- Heart-hot-chocolate-whip-creme-topping
                        Our Version                                      Pinterest Version

Our version turned out pretty cute, but is it as easy as it looks? Lets find out…

First we gathered our supplies- Cool Whip and these adorable Christmas cookie cutters. You can really use any shape you want, but the more complicated the cookie cutter, the harder it is to get the shape to come out right.

holiday hot chocolate toppers

Spread Cool Whip on a cookie sheet. We originally tried with an actual spreader but we found it was actually easiest to use a big spoon.


Freeze for at least 2 hours (we froze ours for 3). Also make sure you clear space ahead of time- we had to really struggle to get it in our black hole of a freezer!


Remove the tray from the freezer and press the cookie cutter of your choice into the frozen layer of cool whip.

Make your own fun shaped marshmallows            cookie-cutter-whip-cream-hot-chocolate

We figured the shape should just pop off at this point. However, this didn’t work out for us- the Cool Whip refused to reach a hard freeze so it was very difficult to get the shape to stay intact. Not to be discouraged, we figured out a method that mostly worked:

After pressing the cookie cutter down into the Cool Whip, wiggle it a little bit to help separate the shape from the surrounding Cool Whip. Use a flat spatula to carefully pick up the shape and the surrounding Cool Whip from the cookie sheet.


Use a knife to remove excess Cool Whip. Now only the shape should remain on the spatula.


This is the toughest part! Slowly and carefully slide shape on top of freshly made hot chocolate using the plastic knife (it took us a few tries to get it right).


Although much more work than we expected, the result was as cute as we anticipated:

Finished-holiday-hot-chocolate          Snowman-hot-chocolate-cool-whip

In the end , we managed to make this project work for us! It certainly took a little time and experimentation, but we think these toppers would be awesome to serve on hot drinks at a holiday party or even just around the fire as Christmas gets closer! It would also be a fun activity for all the youngsters at your next holiday gathering. We put this on the shenanigans side of the shenan-o-meter, because it took much more time and patience than we anticipated. We may try this again using melted marshmallows, so we’ll be sure to keep you all updated!

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Shananometer- hot chocolate topping shapes

6 Responses

  1. Brandi Roberts

    Perhaps instead of spreading the cool whip on a sheet then cutting out after, you could have cutters on the sheet and fill them and freeze the cool whip inside the cutters. I will try this in the winter. It looks cute.

    • Brittni

      That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was reading! I think I will try it that way and see how they come out. I love these for our kiddie cookie exchange day!