I wanted to see if I could make my own candles and I love the smell of coffee, so logically I started searching for how to make DIY Coffee Scented Candles. Quickly I realized that candle making is not a very easy task and requires a lot of steps. Although I love a complicated project now and then, melting wax and finding wicks was not on my agenda for the day.

So after searching around Pinterest, I saw that some people fill their candle holders with coffee beans and then place the candle inside. I decided to try out this same concept, but instead of using a traditional candle holder, I thought that it would be cute to put the coffee beans in a coffee mug and they turned out adorable!

What you need:

  • Mugs (I used these adorable gold polka dot mugs that I made, Click here for the tutorial)
  • Your favorite coffee beans (I used Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas Coffee, because I love the smell and the fact that the beans are white)
  • Tea light candles



  1. Fill your mugs with your favorite coffee (If you are using especially deep mugs or are limited on coffee, fill the bottom with uncooked beans as a filler)
  2. Place in your tea light
  3. You’re done!


Even though it doesn’t smell as much as an actual coffee scented candle, it still brings a soft coffee aroma into the room (especially as the candle heats up the beans), and they look adorable on the coffee table!


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