How to Make Gold Covered Oreos


I found the perfect Pinterest Project to call shenanigans on, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! I have been seeing this popular picture of gold covered oreos that resemble gold coins or shillings making its way around Pinterest:


Unfortunately these beautiful shinny gold oreos only lead to broken links. I have read a few comment threads that say that they might be plastic, or painted with edible gold. So I decided to try out the second option. I went to my local craft store, and purchased Wilton Gold Color Mist (seen below). (edit: when I originally bought it the mist was around $7, but the price has recently gone up so I added a more inexpensive option below as well)



I then purchased golden oreos (figuring it would be easier to make those a nice shinny gold, than the original chocolate oreos).



I placed the Oreo on a paper towel.



Holding the gold edible shimmer spray a few inches from the oreo, I covered it in a thin coat of color mist. I noticed that it was brighter if you put a couple of coats on it, because the first coat absorbs into the cookie a little bit.


You may have to pick it up with your fingers to get the sides of the oreo, but it’s ok if it gets on your hands (since it’s edible).


And that’s how you make gold covered oreos! The edible color mist, worked surprisingly well and were very glittery. The pictures don’t truly do justice to how shimmery it is. It is a different gold than the original pin, but I think it still did the job and would impress your friends, especially if you put them on a dark surface to make them pop. I also think they would look very nice on a cupcake with chocolate icing.


So even though they don’t look exactly like the pinterest pin, I still revoke shenanigans, since I was so impressed by the Gold Color Mist Spray, even though it is a little pricey, I think it will also be very useful for some cupcake shenanigans in the future! Hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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11 Responses

    • Summer

      Question: How long should I let these air dry before bagging them up?

      • Kristen

        It dries pretty quickly, but I would say to wait at least 20-30 minutes to be safe. I would also recommend keeping the little Oreo trays (from the original packaging) to transport them, so that they don’t bump into each other and rub off the edible paint.

  1. Ian

    Your link to the gold spray is for a listing that costs $20, not $5.

    • Kristen

      Hi Ian, thank you for pointing that out! When I first created this post last year I purchased the gold color mist for around $6 and now it seems to be $17, which is a pretty drastic increase. I just added another edible gold option, although I have not personally tried it, it seems to have good reviews. If you try it, let me know what you think!

      • Sharlie

        Michael’s, Hobby Lobby has it for $4.99. You can then use their 40% off coupon. With tax I got mine for $2.81

  2. Rachel

    Have you tried making as many as you can with a bottle of spray? I’m wondering how many cookies I can get out of one bottle for a school event.

  3. Virginia

    Hi there! These do look cute but they taste like crap!! No seriously…. The cookies taste like spray paint!! They are awful! So unless you just plan on decorating with them….don’t waste your time or money!

    • Jackie

      I thought so also, but tried them the next day and that spray paint taste was gone.

  4. Deandra

    Haha thanks! I just wish the BK bottles were bi#g8r&ge230; I panicked and bought 2 of the black just in case lol! & thanks again for letting me know about them Just looking through your blog, I saw you’d already discovered the CitySuper holos lol! Sadly that blue you have is sold out in the branches I went to